Studies in Semitic and General Linguistics in Honor of Gideon Goldenberg. (AOAT 334)

Studies in Semitic and General Linguistics in Honor of Gideon Goldenberg. (AOAT 334)

Tali Bar, Eran Cohen

ISBN: 978-3-934628-84-7

Pub: 2007

387 pp.

Shlomo Izre’el - Segmental Length: A View from Akkadian
Andrzej Zaborski - Non-Causative Verbs of the Causative ’aqtala Class in Arabic and *yuqtilu Conjugation in Proto-Semitic
Roni Henkin - Swaying on the Scale from Standard to Sound when Writing a Non-written Dialect
Rami Saari - Maltese ilu — The Only Postposition in a Language of Prepositions?
Lucas Van Rompay - Oh that I had Wings like a Dove! Some Remarks on Exclamatory Clauses in Syriac
Yona Sabar - Agonies of Childbearing and Child Rearing in Iraqi Kurdistan: A Narrative in Jewish Neo-Aramaic and its English Translation
Geoffrey Khan - Ergativity in the North Eastern Neo-Aramaic Dialects
Eran Cohen - Zakho Neo-Aramaic and Old Babylonian Akkadian: The (Concessive-)Conditional Pattern 
Tamar Zewi -Nominal Clause Patterns in the G5ʿ5z Octateuch
Rainer Voigt - Zur direkten Rede im Amharischen Egyptian
Ariel Shisha-Halevy - Determination-Signalling Environment in Old and Middle Egyptian: Work-Notes and Reflections
Tali Bar - On Pronouns in Hebrew Verbal Sentences
Dana Taube - Impersonal and Passive Constructions in Contemporary Hebrew
Rivka Halevy - The Subject Co-referential l- Pronoun in Hebrew
John Huehnergard and Na’ama Pat-El - Some Aspects of the Cleft in Semitic Languages
Moshe Taube - How Imperfect Can a Cleft Sentence Be? Focusing dos- and es-Sentences in Yiddish

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