Terms and Conditions of Ugarit-Verlag – Buch und Medienhandel GmbH

In general
All offers and goods are based exclusively on the following terms of delivery. Receipt of the consignment indicates the customer’s acceptance of these conditions.
§ 2 Delivery
Delivery only takes place for confirmed orders and at the request, risk and expense of the customer. If we do not receive complaints within 30 days after receipt of the delivery, we assume that the order has been fulfilled to satisfaction. Complaints after this time span cannot be accepted. Misprints are replaced free of charge.
§ 3 Terms of payment
1. Our invoices are payable for 30 days following their date of issue, without deductions.
2. If payment is late, the publisher is entitled to charge interest equivalent to the interest rate for bank overdrafts plus value added tax.
§ 4 Retention of ownership
1. All of our goods are delivered under conditions relating to retention of ownership laws in accordance with paragraph 455 of the German Civil Code (BGB). If the realizable value of all security rights to which we are entitled exceeds the amount of all secured claims by more than 20 %, we will release a corresponding portion of the security rights to the customer at the customer’s request. Until all invoices are settled (including all receivables from current account and all supply rights), the customer acknowledges that the publishing house has the following rights
2. Delivered goods will remain the property of the publishing house until all claims that we have against the customer arising from our business relationship have been fulfilled. The customer is authorized to sell the goods in the normal course of business. Until the account is settled, the customer is prohibited from pledging or assigning the goods as security. The customer must assign in full to the publishing house as security all accounts receivable from third parties arising from the resale or the loss of the goods, including any balance of current accounts and insurance payments. The customer is authorized to collect on the assigned accounts income arising from the resale of the goods. The publisher may revoke this authorization if the customer does not meet their payment obligations.
3. If third parties try to gain access to goods that are still property of the publishing house, the customer must lodge an objection and refer to the property of the publishing house and inform it immediately.
§ 4 Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction
1. Place of fulfillment is Münster.
2. The exclusive court of jurisdiction for disputes resulting directly or indirectly from contractual relations with the publishing house is Münster, Germany.
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