German Religious Historical Study Society (DRSG)

The team at the Ugarit publishing house is pleased to announce that the conference program of the "German Religious Historical Study Society (DRSG)" currently being established or reactivated will be presented here in the next few weeks. 

The scientific focus should be on the comparative, religious-scientific discussion of religious-historical questions of the ancient Roman Empire, Greece, the ancient Near East, Egypt, Persia, India and China.  

The lectures are published according to the conferences in a yearbook to be founded for this purpose.

It is planned to hold the first or a further conference in the summer of 2021 in the rooms of the Ugarit publishing house in Münster.

The exact date has to be determined - depending on the corona.

The meetings are to be held in Münster and at the university of an inviting participant, each offset by 2 years.

The promotion of young academics will be of particular importance. The Ugarit publishing house will award appropriate grants for this.

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