Archäologie im Sudan. (ArS)

By the diversity and the undisturbed context of the findings, the excavations conducted by the State Museum of Egyptian Art Munich at the Meroitic city Naga in the Sudan have become a reference parameter for other archaeological sites in the Sudan. Therefore, it seems likely to put the publica-tion of the excavations at Naga in a broader scientific context. By the new multilingual scientific series ArS – "Archäologie im Sudan" – "Archéologie au Soudan" – "Archaeology in the Sudan" we would like to create a forum offering our colleagues active in Sudanese archaeology the possibility to publish their researches promptly and on a high editorial and printing level. The publisher Ugarit-Verlag, since decades well established internationally in Near Eastern and Egyptian archaeology by its scientific series and its monographs, is offering ideal preconditions to strengthen the position of ancient Sudan in the scientific landscape of the Ancient World.

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