Alter Orient und Altes Testament

Founded by Manfried Dietrich and Oswald Loretz †

"Alter Orient und Altes Testament - Publications on the Culture and History of the Old Orient and the Old Testament (AOAT)" is a series of books published by Angelika Berlejung, Jan Dietrich, Enrique Jiménez. With over 400 volumes (peer reviewed) it is one of the most important series of the Eastern Mediterranean antiquity (Old Oriental Studies, Near Eastern Archeology and Old Testament science). The volumes 1 to 42 and 200-244 appeared as joint productions in the publishing house Butzon & Bercker (Kevelaer) and in the Neukirchen publishing house (Neukirchen-Vluyn), the volumes 43- 53 and 245 and all other volumes by Ugarit-Verlag (Münster / West.) From 1971 to 1973, at least 8 volumes were also published in the secondary series "Old Orient and Old Testament - Special Series. Publications on the culture and history of the ancient Near East "(ISSN: 0931-4296).

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