Studia Mesopotamica

The Studia Mesopotamica (StMes) will appear once a year and deal with topics of history, culture, languages and the art of the ancient Near East from the 3rd millennium BC in scientific treatises. Until the turn of the century (Sumer and Akkade, Babylonia and Assyria, Northern Syria and Middle Euphrates Valley, Elam and Iran). In addition, the yearbook is open for studies on the effects of ancient Oriental cultural development on the environment and on posterity (until the end of the Sassanian period) and for their research (history of science).

The annual volume is to be published in June, in time for the Rencontre. An average of 400 pages are planned for its scope, but it remains fundamentally flexible and depends on the contributions received up to July of the year.

The contributions should be written in one of the three congress languages German, English or French and, with variable lengths, should objectively reflect an internationally recognized high scientific standard. In doing so, they primarily address the scholars of the Ancient Near East (Ancient Near Eastern Philology, Near Eastern Archeology). At the same time, they should awaken the interest of the neighboring sciences in ancient oriental studies and provide an impetus to recognize the importance of ancient oriental monuments for semitic studies, biblical studies, Asia Minor studies, Iranian studies, Egyptology and ancient Arabic studies.

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