Ägyptische Wörter und Namen in altorientalischen Sprachen. (AOAT 449)

Ägyptische Wörter und Namen in altorientalischen Sprachen. (AOAT 449)


Angelika Berlejung, Jan Dietrich, Enrique Jiménez


Elena Mahlich


The present study deals with the rendering of Egyptian names and words in the various ancient Oriental languages and periods. It uses transliterations in the cuneiform and cuneiform-alphabetic languages of the ancient Near East, specifically Akkadian, Hittite, Hurrian, Elamite, Old Persian and Ugaritic. The temporal framework for the transmission of Egyptian nomina propria and words is the second and first pre-Christian millennia, although the transmission of Egyptian words and names within the individual languages is usually limited to a specific period. In Hittite, Egyptian appears only in the late second millennium, and the few surviving Hurrian transliterations all come from EA 24, a letter addressed to the Egyptian ruler Amenophis III. Only from the first millennium has Egyptian survived in Elamite and Old Persian, more precisely, the Egyptian nomina propria in question are all found in Achaemenid royal inscriptions. Ugaritic, on the other hand, is a language that cannot be traced back to written sources after the 12th century BC. A bridge is built by Akkadian: Egyptian proper names and words appear there over the entire period studied. This alone gives Akkadian a special position compared to the other languages studied, but the quantitative ratio of names and words handed down in Akkadian in contrast to the rest of the tradition is even more serious. Here a great discrepancy becomes apparent, which will be dealt with in detail in chapter 3. Suffice it to say that the number of traditions from Akkadian far exceeds those from the other ancient Near Eastern languages dealt with. The alphabetically written Northwest Semitic languages Aramaic and Hebrew, which emerged in the first millennium B.C., are not included here, as they are already the object of research for another study that is currently underway.


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Reihe + Nummer: AOAT 449


ISBN: 978-3-86835-348-7


Erscheinungsjahr: Dezember 2022


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