What’s in a Name? Terminology Related to the Work Force and Job Categories in the Ancient Near East<br>(AOAT 440) .

What’s in a Name? Terminology Related to the Work Force and Job Categories in the Ancient Near East
(AOAT 440) .

Agnès Garcia-Ventura (Hrsg.)

ISBN: 978-3-86835-212-2

Pub: 2018

iv + 532 pp.

The goal of this volume is to provide researchers and those interested in ancient history and in ancient languages with a useful, updated compendium of the terminology related to the management of the work force, as attested in various ancient Near Eastern written sources. To do so, its 18 chapters cover several periods ranging from the end of the 4th millennium until the end of the 1st millennium BC, in an attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of the three millennia of cuneiform texts and related sources.

The first three papers deal with sources ranging from the end of the 4th millennium until the mid 3rd millennium BC (the volume begins with the article co-authored by Jacob L. Dahl, Laura F. Hawkins and Kathryn Kelley, followed by articles by Vitali Bartash and Camille Lecompte). The next papers deal with sources from the second half of the 3rd millennium BC, namely from the Presargonic (Fumi Karahashi), Sargonic (Massimo Maiocchi) and Ur III (Laura Culberston) periods. These are followed by papers that focus on the 2nd millennium BC, namely those dealing with Old Babylonian (Katrien De Graef), Middle Assyrian (Jaume Llop), and Middle Babylonian sources (Daniel Justel), as well as those on texts from the Hurrian milieu (Josué J. Justel examines a range of diverse archives, and Philippe Abrahami and Brigitte Lion concentrate on texts from Nuzi in a joint paper), texts from Ugarit (Juan-Pablo Vita), and finally Hittite sources (Matteo Vigo). Regarding the 1st millennium BC, the volume includes papers dealing with the Neo-Assyrian work force (papers by Melanie Groß and by Lorenzo Verderame respectively), as well as with Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid sources (with papers by Stefan Zawadzki, Kristin Kleber and Mark Tamerus).
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