A Comparative Lexicon of Ugaritic and Canaanite. (AOAT 340)

A Comparative Lexicon of Ugaritic and Canaanite. (AOAT 340)

Issam K Halayqa

ISBN: 978-3-934628-95-3

Pub: 2008

573 pp.

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Thomas M.
United States United States
I can't review what I don't yet have...

My apologies for abusing your review function, but: I've attempted to track my package (the one which will, I hope, contain this book), but neither DHL nor the USPS seem to know where it is. The last DHL has seen of it is in Frankfurt. Your distributor has assured me, first, that it went by air; subsequently, that it went by sea, and was in the USA. However, the USPS tracking continues to tell me that "Origin post is preparing shipment,", in other words, they don't have it yet. Any help anyone can give me in figuring out where it went would be much appreciated.

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